Ordering Guide

Please call our office at 352-795-9200 during business hours (M-F 8:30am-5pm, excluding Holidays) and/or fax a physician order form/script as provided below to 352-795-6460.

This Ordering Guide is meant to assist physicians when ordering a medical imaging exam with Citrus Diagnostic Center. The guide includes common indications as well as recommendations for the most appropriate examination.

Patients Come First

Examinations may be further tailored to a patient’s specific condition. When ordering an exam, please include the clinical question/specific condition in question so that the appropriate imaging can be performed.

Physician Order Form

Nuclear Medicine/PET

Symptom / Concern Exam to Order
Abdominal pain right side Gallbladder emptying study
Abdominal pain S/P cholecstectomy HIDA scan for bile leak
Alzheimers disease diagnosis PET/CT brain scan
Ataxia, incontinence, dementia NM cisternogram
Back pain in cancer patient SPECT/CT NM bone scan
Bloating, abdominal pain Gastric emptying study
Bone pain r/o occult fracture 3 phase bone scan
Breast Cancer PET/ CT scan
Cancer evaluate for metastatic disease Bone scan
Carcinoid tumor pancreatic islet cell tumor Octeotide scan
Diabetic joint pain, neuropathic joint versus infection SPECT/CT limited bone scan
Esophageal cancer staging PET/CT scan
Fever of unknown origin Indium wholebody scan
GI bleed NMGI bleeding scan
Head & neck cancer staging PET/CT scan
Hydronephrosis, renal obstruction Renal scan with lasix
Hyper/ hypohtyroidism NM thyroid scan& NM thyroid uptake
Hypercalcemia, parathyroid adenoma NM Parathyroid scan/SPECT/CT
Parathyroid scan
Hypertension, adrenal mass MIBG NM scan
Joint pain, bone pain Bone scan
Lung cancer staging PET/CT scan
Lung nodule 7mm or larger PET/CT scan
Lymphoma staging PET/CT scan
Melanoma staging PET/CT scan
Pain in a limb, infection or fracture 3 phase bone scan
Pain in back no history of cancer SPECT/CT bone scan
Pain in bone/extermity, osteomyelitis Indium localized scan
Pain in the foot/hand, infection 3 phase bone scan
Painful joint replacement 3 phase limited bone scan
Renal failure/insufficiency Renal scan
Right side abdominal pain, cholecystitis HIDA scan
Thyroid cancer staging Whole body I 131 scan