Ordering Guide

Please call our office at 352-795-9200 during business hours (M-F 8:30am-5pm, excluding Holidays) and/or fax a physician order form/script as provided below to 352-795-6460.

This Ordering Guide is meant to assist physicians when ordering a medical imaging exam with Citrus Diagnostic Center. The guide includes common indications as well as recommendations for the most appropriate examination.

Patients Come First

Examinations may be further tailored to a patient’s specific condition. When ordering an exam, please include the clinical question/specific condition in question so that the appropriate imaging can be performed.

Physician Order Form

Cardiac Imaging

Symptom / Concern Exam to Order
Chest Pain with:
ECG uninterpretable OR unable to exercise with intermediate pre test probability Coronary CTA
No ECG changes and serial enzymes negative with intermediate pre test probability Coronary CTA
Uninterpretable or equivocal stress test (exercise, perfusion, or stress echo) with intermediate pre test probability Coronary CTA
Other Indications:
Evaluation of pulmonary vein anatomy prior CTA chest to invasive radiofrequency ablation for atrial fibrillation CTA Chest
Evaluation of suspected coronary anomalies and complex congenital heart disease Coronary CTA
Triple rule out-to exclude obstructive CAD, aortic dissection, and pulmonary embolis with intermediate pre-test probability for one of the above with normal ECG and no ST-segment elevation and initial enzymes negative Gated CTA chest
Chest Pain with:
Evalution of bypass grafts and coronary anatomy Coronary CTA
History of percutaneous revascularization with Coronary CTA stents Coronary CTA
Other Indications:
Aortic valve morphological evaluation MRA
Evaluation and follow up of aortic aneurysm MRA