(The preparation (prep) directions are listed at the end of this page)


PET Scan - Whole Body prep 6
PET Scan - Cardiac  prep 6
PET Scan - Brain prep 6


Myocardial Perfusion  prep 5
Bone Scan   no prep
G.B. (Hepatobiliary) scan prep 1


All General X-RAY exams no prep


All MRI and MRA exams prep 4


Screening Mammogram prep 3
Diagnostic Mammogram prep 3


Bone Density Scan no prep


Carotid Arteries  no prep
Lower Extremity-arteries no prep
Lower Extremity-venous no prep


Brain  prep 1
Posterior Fossa prep 1
Brain & Posterior Fossa prep 1
Sinuses no prep
Neck prep 1
Chest prep 1
Abdomen & Pelvis prep 1
Abdomen (to Iliac Crest Level) prep 1
Pelvis prep 1
CT- Urogram (Hematuria/Stone Protocol) prep 1
 Coronary Calcium Score prep 7
CT Spine (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar) no prep


Pulmonary Arteries  prep 1
Carotid Arteries prep 1
Circle of Willis no prep
Aorta prep 1
Iliac and Femoral Arteries prep 1
Mesenteric Arteries prep 1
Renal Arteries prep 1


Abdominal, Complete Survey prep 1
Thyroid Sonogram no prep
Kidney Sonogram no prep
GaIl Bladder Sonogram prep 1
Pelvic Sonogram prep 2
Aorta Sonogram no prep


2D Duplex and Color Doppler no prep

If the exam you are scheduled for is not listed, PLEASE call Citrus Diagnostic Center at 795-9200 with any questions.


PREP #1    Nothing to eat or drink for 4 hours prior to test.


PREP #2     Drink 32 oz. of water 1 hour prior to exam.  DO NOT VOID. Bladder needs to be extremely full for proper examination.


PREP #3     For your convenience, please wear a two-piece outfit. Do not use deodorant, powder, or perfume under the arm or breast area. If possible, please bring your previous mammogram films from other facilities with you.


PREP #4    MRI Prep (All MRIís) Wear comfortable clothing. Wear no metal or eye make-up. Light meat before MRI. Patients with a pacemaker or Aneurysm clip surgery in brain cannot have an MRI.


PREP #5    Cardiolite Rest and Stress - 2 Day Procedure

                     REST DAY - Ask doctor about taking any heart medications that are Beta or Calcium channel blockers 48 hours prior to study.  No food 3 hours prior to appointment time.

                    STRESS DAY - No food, liquids, or medications 6 hours prior to exam.  No caffeine or chocolate products 48 hours prior to exam.  Bring all medications to Citrus Diagnostic Center on day of exam.  Wear comfortable slacks or shorts, button down shirt and comfortable walking or exercise shoes.


PREP #6    Nothing to eat or drink except water for 4 hours prior to test.


PREP #7    No coffee, caffeine products or any heart stimulants for 4 hours prior to test.




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